Top hung System Windows

Top hung is a very popular option for commercial and residential establishments if there is limited outdoor space. In top hung windows we use low-friction hinges operated hardware, which will make them easy to use, long lasting and more secure. Top hung windows have a rubber gasket on the inside and outside of the sash, which means that when the window is closed all the way it is airtight; adding to the insulation properties of your home.

Top hung windows create ventilation in any type of weather, as the window tilts open at the bottom and the friction hinges will not rust. The window closes easily with a user-friendly cranked handle. Closed position creates a seal that keeps out sound, heat, dust and cold. The Top Hung window opens outwards. The espag handles give you complete control of how far you want your window to open. Using friction hinges the window can be only open to a certain degree for security.

Advantages of Top Hung windows include

Good Ventilation

Top windows can be placed higher in walls than many other types of windows. When placed high, awning windows can provide natural light and ventilation, without compromising privacy. High placement also allows for maximum wall space for design aspects such as art and furniture placement.

Weather-tight construction, good choice in damp climates

Awning windows can protect your home against moisture, even when they’re open during a rainstorm. Because of the way awning windows are constructed, they allow for nearly 100 percent of viable ventilation, without the threat of water seeping into the home. Awning windows also offer a superior seal against air pass through.

Attractive, Contemporary Look

Newer awning windows use friction hinges at either end of the top edge. This allows the bottom edge of the awning window to swing open, creating a fresh, contemporary look. Especially 1200*1200mm is ideal size for beautiful top hung windows. Perfect space for this window can be Kitchen, Staircase, Store, Hall etc.

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