Technical Specification (300 G)

Providing and fixing plain corrosion resistant Aluminium Magnesium alloy metal ceiling system of cotton white colour consisting of panel 300mm wide x0.7mm thick with Bevel edges with closed V-joints, panel length up to 5 metres,coil coated on a continuous paint line. Double baked and roll formed from corrosion resistance Aluminium Magnesium alloy AA31000/3105/3005/3105/5050 for higher strength and good roll forming characteristics.

Panel shall be clipped to a baked enameled aluminium carrier of standard length 5 mtrs black with out-cuts to hold the panels. The carrier shall be suspended by means of G.I suspension rod 4mm diameter and galvanized suspension spring clip at a distance of 1200mm c/c.

Paint Finish

Aluminium panels shall be chromatised for maximum bond between metal and paint enamelled twice under high temperature, on one side with full primer and finish coat, the other side (inner side) with a primer coating and skin coating on a continuous paint line.

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