Aluminium Composite Panel Work in Chennai

Stanisless Steel False Ceiling Systems

Stanislas Steel modular Clip in & Lay-in False Ceiling Systems, Grade of – 316 / 304 / 202 and size will be comprising of 600X600X 0.5 & 600X1200X0.7 mm thick Stanislas steel perforated & un-perforated tiles having beveled edge with protective film along with necessary clip in profile made of GI spring runner of the thickness 0.5mm having a web height 38mm along with connecting clip and holder clip.

The stanislas steel ceiling till will have two double notches on each of the tray and web height of each side 36mm.this double notch ensures proper fail proof attachments spring runner.

Installation Details

Installation of Stanislas Steel modular Clip-in & Lay-in False Ceiling Systems, comprising of 600 mm X600 mm X 0.5 mm, the tile ends to be raised with pipes and stops to ensure positive engagement into the spring to enable for demounting of individual tiles, side of the tiles have web height of 36mm to ensure to minimal deflection across the length of the tile. The tile to be clipped in to clip profile of 0.5mm thick GI Clip. The clip profile shell be supported from structural slab means of rigid suspension of 4mm GI Rod ,hold on clamp with clip for level adjustments .some tile to be replaced by ventilation grills /light fixture but not be supported from the grid joints of the Runner.

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