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Acoustic Wall Paneling

One of main aspects of a perforated Metal Ceiling is sound absorption. Various types of Perforation designs are available. The acoustic Properties of a place are, therefore, important elements of encironmental well-being, which depends on many physical factors including temperature, humidity & density of the air.

Today designers pay great attentions to these factors to achieve the desired environmental comfort in relation to the specific use of a building such as classroom, Industrial wall paneling, auditorium, office or other.

2.5mm Perforated tile 10mm plain boprder, 22% open area, 25mm thick *48 kg/m3 density mineral wood. aluminum foil encased and faced one side black glass tissue.

1.6 Perforated tile 10mm plain border, 22% open area, 25mm thick *48 kg/m3 density minera wool. Aluminium foil encased and faced one side black glass tissue.

Mineral Fibre False Ceiling in Chennai

0.80 to 0.95

Security and Endurance to External Strains

Metalium tiles are mounted up on flexible structures which allow high levels of resistance to external strains and crashes

Maintenance and Cleaning

For possibly washing the ceiling we recommend to use ordinary detergent or liquid soap. The detergent is to be mixed with water. Apply the solution by a sponge and wipe off the ceilingby a soft cotton cloth firmly wring in pure water

Humidity Resistance

Thanks to the Steel and Aluminum Qualities, Metalium products maintain their properties also in high humidity environments. This fact makes them suitable for all building with unstable temperature range.

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