Pivoted System Windows

Pivoted Windows have a sash which pivots (usually 170 degrees) about a vertical axis at or near its centre, it can swing open either vertically or horizontally and available with integral restrictor with 10 degrees or 15 degrees, reverse stop at 170 degrees. The uniqueness of the pivot window is the ability to rotate the opening sash to the room inside for cleaning, fulfilling the requirement of the specification.

We build pivot windows as either vertical pivot or horizontal pivot. Typical applications for pivot windows are large sized openings in commercial buildings or in residential buildings where the design calls for an unobstructed view and large window sizes. Our pivot windows are easy to reach from the inside for cleaning and maintenance because the sash rotates 170 degrees, restrictor is on the front face of the pivot for ease of access and it helps in draft-free ventilation when opened in the pre-set ventilation position and also engage in the fully reversed position for safe cleaning.

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