Frame Less Bolted Glazing

This is a structural glass assembly consisting of a series of specially processed glass panes, bolted together at their corners by means of ‘spider fittings’ or ‘metal patch fittings’ along with silicone sealant at the pane-to-pane joints.

  • The minimization of metal framing members creates an effect of transparency that forms a natural and artistic blend between the indoor space and the outdoor environment.
  • Bolted Glazing are the latest generation of building facades, with the benefit of blending interiors with exterior environment through transparency of glass.
  • Point fixed glass facades are commonly found in public buildings like airports, exhibition halls, building podiums and lobbies etc.
  • Bolted glazing facades are classified according to their support structures which include Metal Structures, Glass Fins, Tension Pods, and Tension Cables.

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